Inspiration for budding digital creatives PART 3 : It’s not all about you…

We used to tell stories.

But nowadays, it’s far more powerful to give stories. 

By that, I mean doing work that puts the audience inside the idea, and gives them an incentive to interact with it, adapt it, and share it.

Here’s a couple of examples of work I’ve been involved in which attempted this.



This started out as a request to do an EDM.

Usually, a tour for emerging architects to travel Europe and see amazing places and practices should sell itself. Problem was, our client was a mainstream paint brand, talking to a niche and particular audience which meant having to figure out a way to get message through in a credible way.

So we found 15 influencers in the Australian architecture community, and we sent them everything they needed to tell a story.

They received at parcel with a scale architects model, a mini billboard advertising the tour, and a note asking a little favour:

Take photos of the model and billboard and share them via Facebook, Twitter and email.

They did, and our ad got put right in front of Australia’s best emerging architects.

And applications jumped up by 149%.

This second idea is one I’m most fond of.

The brief was to launch a printer that you could remotely email.

So we put it in one of Australia’s most prestigious contemporary art galleries, and invited people from all over the world to email in their work, and see it print live inside the gallery.

Suddenly, people who had never been to art school, or had ther creativity recognise could claim that “My work is in a world famous gallery” and share this story with others.

Due to unforseen circumstances, it only lasted three days.

As heartbreaking as that was, we can still say that a thousands people got an experience money can’t buy, a story worth sharing, and our client got a unique product demonstration that publicised itself.

All for putting the audience inside the story.



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