Inspiration for budding digital creatives PART 1 : Relevance, it is your secret weapon.


If you stop and think about what the internet is, it makes it a little clearer as to how you should approach a digital advertising brief.

The internet is relevance engine.

To quote the granddaddy of experiential advertising, Howard Luck Gossage:

The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” ~ Howard Gossage

Way back when the internet was an academic tool, the remarkable bit was its means to hyperlink words, enabling someone to click a link and dig deeper into the subjects that interested them.

That hasn’t fundamentally changed.

So who you are talking to and how they interact with the web, their phones and their peers is where you need to start your thinking.

To get genuine interest, make your idea relevant to the site they are on, the content they are reading, the location they happen to be in, or a tension that could be going on around them, In short, you need to make your idea about their all time favourite subject, themselves,

If your idea isn’t relevant, theyll ignore it and revert their focus back to what does interest them.

Relevance is a smart bomb that has the power draw attention away from even the funniest picture of a cat in a tuxedo.

There are many ways to wield it, I will get on to that in my next post.

This is part of a talk I did for Award Copyschool. For my next rant follow me on twitter @warmcola  







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