A little more anarchy would make us all nicer people.

A few months back, we went on a family holiday to Sri Lanka.

At first glance the streets of Columbo are crazy.

There are no visible road rules, no lanes, and the few traffic lights that exist are almost universally ignored.

Growing up in a nanny state like Australia, this kind of thing makes you naturally a little uptight. More so when travelling around with our two young daughters in tow.

But after a while, you notice that this lack of rules works.


It forces everyone to be aware of each other and what they are doing.

Drivers don’t speed because they need to be able to react to what other traffic is doing at any moment –  and it could do and be anything, ever been cut off by an elephant? We have.

The honking is insane and constant, but it’s not aggressive, it’s drivers informing others that “I am here” rather than “get out of my way”.

There is no road rage, because there isn’t a time when anyone has the right of way, it’s the group working it out together.

Australian society is inundated with rules, where to stand, where not to stand, how to drive, where to park, who should go first… There is a definitive right and wrong way.

Which means the most likely exchange you’ll have with a stranger on the road or on public transport is them boiling over in frustration and abusing you because they think you are “in the wrong” or “in their way”. 

A reckon a little more anarchy would make us all nicer people.




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